stinkymeat 1

"Yes! It is I, Mahlon Smith, scientist."

Here's what happened when I took 3 kinds of meat, 19 days, and 1,000,000 maggots, and stuck them in the yard of my unwitting neighbor.

Of course, the neighbor eventually found the meat in his yard. Fortunately, I wasn't arrested - so I am free to do it all over again.

Stay tuned in.
Middle of August:
The revenge of stinkymeat.

Possible Future stinkyitems:
  • slimjims
  • lump of tofu
  • raw salmon
Accepting other requests. :)

Locations are currently being scouted for the test zone. I hope someone with a really big yard upsets me very soon.

View the 18 day pseudo time lapse.
Quicktime 3 required.

Cover yourself in meat.

Constantly revolt your co-workers and family members, all while preventing phosphor burn-in!
Get the stinkymeat screensaver!
(PC version only.)

Check out part 1 - all 19 days worth - HERE!